CPR training
If you were looking for a highly skilled instructor for CPR training, you have come to the right place.

Our instructors have served

on the front line defense team for emergency services in Orlando for years and know how to make you proficient at CPR.

When it comes to learning CPR

you will definitely want our instructors in your corner to teach you not only the basics but advanced techniques.

Our goal is to make you as proficient

as possible, so that you will react intuitively in an emergency situation. We are committed to helping people help others by being educated. We educate CPR regularly.

Classes Fill Up Fast

We typically have a class once per week, however, our classes to fill up quickly.
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ACLS Online:

We believe in live courses. We provide quality education and caring instructors that will keep you engaged. We will teach you skills and techniques that not only save lives, we teach you skills that can help increase a victim’s chance of survival chance!

When you get certified with us, you will be thankful that you did.