First aid courses in Orlando, FL

Our instructors are highly skilled to teach first aid courses.

If you're looking for first aid course, we can definitely help you. We offer flexible class hours and schedules. 

Excellent Experience

Our highly trained team has been on task forces of first responders for years, they can teach you all of the basics of emergency first aid.

Get Certified

We can also certify you so that you can present your first aid certification to your employer.

First aid courses should be a prerequisite for everyone.

No one really knows when an emergency can strike. Now you will be in the know and you'll know what to do.  We cover all of the basics from dealing with bleed-out, head trauma, shock to lacerations.

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ACLS Online:

We believe in live courses. We provide quality education and caring instructors that will keep you engaged. We will teach you skills and techniques that not only save lives, we teach you skills that can help increase a victim’s chance of survival chance!

When you get certified with us, you will be thankful that you did.